Proven capacity

Active since 1927 in the sector of furnishings textiles, fantinex has an annual production capacity of 6.000.000 sqm that confirms worldwide it’s quality and the value of the Italian textile sector.

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Fantinex has recently renewed all it’s machinery and control systems according to high technological standards.

The production cycle is now completely computerized, performed through 40 electronic looms, jacquard looms and 4 warping machines.


However, all this technology doesn’t make us forget the most important element: human contribution.


Among the warping machines the most advanced has creels with 5200 reels, one of the biggest in all Europe; on it’s own , it occupies an entire building of 1000 sqm.
This is a concrete example of significant investments and precise avant-garde decisions that allowed the company to achieve high goals in terms of quantity and quality.


What really makes the difference between an industrial fabric and a Fantinex one is the handwork of the expert which, through expert hands and eyes, control, supervise and supply the small but fundamental details that make the difference.

Internal fair

All the phases of the productive chicly are conducted and managed by the company: textile design; yarn delivery, warping, weaving, automatic tying of the warp into the loom; precise quality control, performed visually, metre by metre, by manual operators; custom finishing according to final use in order to give the fabric the right consistency; and finally packaging and delivery to customers around the world.