In every single jacquard fabric fiber you can find fantinex’s tradition and innovation. You can find them in wide variety: from the most classic to the most modern ones, from the most convenient prices to the most refined for the materials and processing used.

This large variety is evolving day by day. It was born from the balance between the creativity of stylists and the technical and commercial evaluations.
A big contribute also goes to the needs and the trends that emerged from the dialogue with our customers and operators and also thanks to all the trade fairs we visited.

This is how all jacquard fabrics are designed and produced: from damasks to liserés, from lampassi to matelassé, from brocades and brocatelli to gobelins, from elastic to natural fabrics. Jacquard fabrics are produced with all the possible existing fibers, including fireproof ones.

The range is so vast that there is no limit to it other than what is dictated by imagination and customer requirements.
In fact, it is possible to custom make for large orders absolutely exclusive types oh cloth, measuring anywhere from 140 to 280 cm, of any colour, design or weave, and using any type of yarn.